Install App

In this help article, we'll guide you through the installation process, connecting your PayPal account, setting up billing, and accessing our support resources. Streamline your business operations and enhance your customer experience with PaySync.

Install App

To install PaySync, visit or our website. This will direct you to the app installation page on the Shopify app store. Click "Install" or "Get," and follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the installation process.

During installation, you'll need to approve permissions from Shopify, allowing us to access your order history. Once you grant these permissions, PaySync will be able to access your order history and send tracking details for fulfilled orders to PayPal, streamlining your shipping tracking management.

Connect PayPal Accounts

To connect your PayPal account, open PaySync and navigate to the "Connect" menu item. This is where you'll establish the link between your PayPal account and the PaySync app to enable seamless transactions and data syncing.

In order to make the app work, you'll need to grant PaySync basic permissions to access and sync your PayPal account information. Log in with your PayPal credentials, and authorize the required permissions. Rest assured, we only request access to the data necessary for the app's functionality. Once connected, your PayPal account is ready for use within the app, and you can enjoy all the benefits of PaySync's features.

Setup Billing

PaySync offers a single, streamlined subscription plan tailored to meet all your business needs. Our simplified plan is available for just $5 per month, granting you the ability to sync an unlimited number of orders without any additional charges. For more details on our new pricing structure, please visit our pricing page.

You can set up your billing during the onboarding process or directly from our billing page. Simply choose our all-inclusive plan and provide the required payment information. Once your billing is set up, your plan will be activated, and you can start enjoying the unlimited features of PaySync.


For any issues or questions, the PaySync support team is here to help. Reach out to us via email at, and expect a response within 1 business day. Our team of experts is committed to addressing your concerns and providing you with the necessary guidance to ensure a smooth user experience.

Additionally, you can explore our online resources, including helpful articles and FAQs, to troubleshoot common issues and learn more about the app's features. The PaySync support team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and success with our platform.

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